Engraving on marquetry and silverplate by Anne Blain-Yardim

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Welcome on the website of Anne Blain-Yardim

An Ecole Boulle graduate in

ornemental engraving,

Anne Blain-Yardim opened

her marquetry engraving

and enamel atelier in 1983,

working  with restoring the

wood decors  of 18th-century

furniture, as well as with

the metal of Renaissance

and Boulle marquetries.

She creates also

monograms and

entwined initials

from the Art Nouveau.

She has gone for thirty-three years to

cabinetmakers restorers, her finy

toolchest in hand, to work directly

on furniture in their atelier

throughout France and the world.  

English and german spoken.

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